Discover the different shapes of the Varlion rackets

Bourne, Maxima, LW, Avant, Cañon… Which is the most suitable shape for you?

When you think about buying a padel racket a lot of questions will surely arise. There are different materials, technologies, ranges and shapes. It is precisely this last point that we are going to talk about today. The shape of the padel rackets is an element to take into account depending on your level, the side you occupy on the court, your strengths and weaknesses, and of course, your personal preferences.

At Varlion we have up to 5 different types of shapes that seek to adapt to all types of players. In our catalog you will find blades with these shapes in different ranges and prices, so it will be easy for you to identify if the blade is round, diamond, teardrop, etc. Below we explain them:

pala-redondaLETHAL WEAPON (LW): The models called LW are round in shape par excellence. This shape was invented in 1993 and was used for the brand’s first padel racket. Round rackets are perfect for beginner players, they tend to be easier to control and have the sweet spot closer to the handle, so they help those who are taking their first steps in this sport. However, they are also widely used by players on the right who receive a lot of balls in a match, and by players who feel comfortable defending and at the back of the court. Its main virtue is control and it is very common for women to use it. Professionals like Víctor Ruiz or Bárbara Las Heras choose the LW shape on the track, specifically our highest range, the LW Summum Prisma Airflow.

pala de pádel diamanteCAÑON: Cañon rackets are the opposite extreme of LW rackets. They were created in 2003 and have a diamond shape, so handling is more complex. Cañon rackets are perfect for offensive players who have some technique and enjoy the passing game. In diamond-shaped rackets, the weight and the sweet spot are closer to the head of the racket, so if we hit with the top of it we will see how the ball is thrown with great power. That is the key word, if you are a backhand player, who shoots a lot and wants to get it off the court, get a Cañon racket, they are pure power.

forma-lagrima-padelAVANT: The Avant shape was born in 2008 thanks to the merger of the previous two (LW + Cañon) giving rise to the perfect balance between control and power. It is what is commonly known as a teardrop shape. Here the balance is more intermediate and allows us to have a great balance. They are recommended rackets for versatile players, who constantly attack and defend and who do not want to define their role on the court so much. They’re also useful for players who aren’t sure if they prefer more control or more power, and for those who want to transition from one more extreme form to another.

bourne-varlionBOURNE: In 2018 we merged the Avant+Cañon blades to create the Bourne. With this we get one more control point to replace a power one. It is an exclusive form of Varlion that goes a step further, because it maintains the power of the Cañon (diamond) blades, but provides an extra point of control that players like Mike Yanguas and his Bourne Summum Airflow MY.

maxima-varlionMAXIMA: In 2020 we merged the Avant+LW blades and thus Maxima emerged. With this we get one more power point to replace one of control. The mixture of a teardrop blade with a round one is the latest innovation in terms of shapes. With it we achieve that control players can have a greater punch on the court without giving up their strong point. Professionals like Jon Sanz or Jessica Castelló use the Maxima Summum Prisma Airflow on the track.

We hope that with this explanation the types of shapes that we find in padel rackets have become clearer. Now, take a look at our catalog and choose your racket based on the shape and technologies that best suit you. If you still have questions, contact us here.