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Spanish, born in the city of Malaga on March 18, 2002.


Mike began to take his first steps in the world of paddle tennis at the age of 7.


2017 was the year in which he decided to join Varlion, joining the head of the Junior team. In all this time we have seen him grow both professionally and personally, and it is truly a pride to have him in the family.


The 2021 season was very important to continue his sporting development, since he climbed more than 20 positions on the World Padel Tour thanks to his success in different tournaments. He also did great roles in the FIP championships.


At the end of 2022 we launched the Mike Yanguas Collection, the first line of products associated with the man from Malaga. Mike plays the Bourne Summum Aiflow MY.



This Bourne-shaped racket is designed for players looking for power in their game without giving up control. It has the Prisma frame, with which we managed to reduce the contact point of the frame against walls and surfaces by 90%, as well as 10% air resistance. When it comes to applying spin to shots, it has a rough texture on the plane called Slice, which has been designed and developed with a series of curved lines that make the surface of the ball stick more to them. For this season the Slice is 30% more pronounced to further increase the effects. It also includes Airflow technology, an exclusive elongated hole system that substantially improves the aerodynamics of the racket.


In addition, to solve the changes that the temperature exerts on the materials of the rackets, this model has been manufactured with two types of rubber: a softer one, called “W”, recommended to be used at low temperatures or up to 25ºC; and a harder one, called “S”, recommended for use at temperatures above 25ºC. The Summer version comes with a red rubber as a novelty this year, which gives it a very interesting elegant and differential touch.