Varlion blades for players with Epicondylitis

Epicondylitis is one of the most common injuries among padel players. What blade can help you if you suffer from it?


Lateral epicondylitis, also known as “tennis elbow,” is an injury that affects the tendons of the elbow and can make you unable to continue playing your favorite sport.

Why does it occur? This pain usually appears during the warm-up, at the beginning of physical activity, and once sports practice has finished. The discomfort is caused by an increase in activity or a modification of the technique, and can persist for hours or days.

epicondilitis-varlionHow to avoid it? The best prevention we can do is to train little by little to avoid overloading the area. Good physical preparation, together with specific strength work, can prevent epicondylitis, but it is also essential to know which blades can help you prevent epicondylitis in padel.

At Varlion we have different products for all types of players.. In the case of people who suffer from epicondylitis, we recommend taking the following factors into account:

  • The weight: the lighter the blade, the less effort our elbow will have to assume when hitting. Try to look for blades under 360 grams (in our online store you can select the weight range you want when purchasing your blade).
  • The shape: to avoid this injury, we must also avoid very stubborn blades, so a LW, AVANT or MAXIMA shape will always be better for us.
  • The feel:: the composition of a blade also affects us when hitting, and it is advisable to avoid blades with a hard feel. That is why we recommend using blades with soft rubber and made of fiberglass.


What blades meet these requirements?

In short, if you suffer from epicondylitis and want to continue playing paddle tennis while minimizing the risk of aggravating or relapsing this injury, we suggest you choose one of these Varlion rackets to ensure you continue playing with the same quality swithout lowering your performance on the court..

Do you still have doubts? Write to us on social networks and our team will advise you to find the shovel that best suits your needs.