5 things to keep in mind when buying a Varlion blade

When you consider buying a padel blade it is normal that doubts will arise. In this article we explain 5 things to take into account to choose the most appropriate one.


Are you thinking about buying a paddle tennis racket? If your answer is affirmative, you will surely have some doubts and today we come to try to clear them up so that your choice is the most correct. What should you take into account?



Not all rackets have the same shape, there are different types to adapt to the needs of each player. At Varlion we have the following:

  • LW (Lethal Weapon): These are round-shaped blades and are perfect for beginner players, as they are usually easier to control and have the sweet spot closer to the handle. However, they are also widely used by right-wing players and by players who feel comfortable defending and in the back of the court. Their main virtue is control and it is very common for women to use them.
  • Cañon: They are perfect for offensive players who have some technique and enjoy the aerial game. In diamond-shaped blades, the weight and sweet spot are located closer to the head of the blade. If you are a backhand player, who hits a lot and wants to take it off the court, get a Cañon racket, they are pure power.
  • Avant: it is the fusion of the previous two (LW + Cañon) giving rise to the perfect balance between control and power. It is what is commonly known as a teardrop shape. Here the balance is more intermediate and allows us to have a great balance. They are blades recommended for versatile players, who constantly attack and defend and who do not want to define their role so much on the court.
  • Maxima: is the fusion of the Avant+LW blades. With this we get one more point of power to replace one of control. The mixture of a teardrop blade with a round one is the latest innovation in terms of shapes. With it we achieve that control players can have greater punch on the court without giving up their strong point.
  • Bourne: it is the fusion of the Avant+Cañon blades. With this we get one more control point instead of a power one. It is an exclusive shape from Varlion that goes one step further, because it maintains the power of the Cañon (diamond) blades, but provides an extra point of control.




One of the features that sets Varlion apart from other brands is the ability to purchase blades with a regular handle or a Summum handle. What difference there are? The handle usually measures 12.5cm, a measurement that adapts to the vast majority of players and allows the contact area with the ball to be closer to our hand. However, some of our rackets have the Summum handle, which measures 14.5cm and helps us play the two-handed backhand and use a little leverage to improve the power of our blows in the aerial game.

Blades with Summum handle




At Varlion we have a wide variety of very disruptive technologies that provide very interesting characteristics to our blades. It is important to know them to know how to choose better before buying your shovel. These are some that you should look at:

  • Slice: refers to the roughness of the racket, it is a direct 3D screen printing that helps the player apply effects to the ball more effectively.
  • Airflow: are a series of elongated holes located on the perimeter of the blade. They serve to improve aerodynamics.
  • Radio: the blades that make up this technology are drilled before passing through the oven, preventing the plane from weakening and thus achieving greater resistance.
  • Prisma Frame: improves the fluidity of the passage of air through the blade, providing better manageability and greater speed of movement of the blade.
  • Difusor Wings: this diffuser has been designed to provide greater speed in the hits and avoid the turbulence that conventional blades normally have in the heart area.
  • Temperatures: If you play throughout the year or travel to play, you will have noticed that with changes in altitude and temperature, the performance of the rackets changes. Some of our models are manufactured in two versions (Summer and Winter) so that you can adapt to the different weather conditions that you may encounter.




Perhaps the materials are not something that has caught your attention, but knowing how to choose them is essential to understand the sensations that a racket can offer you.

The blades are made of fiberglass, carbon fiber or a mixture of both. It is important to know how to differentiate them:

  • Fiberglass: It is more elastic and gives a softer feel, so it tends to work better for beginners.
  • Carbon fiber: it is more resistant and harder. It requires a little more technique to achieve maximum precision in the blows.

In addition to the fiber, the blades are built with a rubber that can be of different hardness. A softer blade offers a more comfortable feel, helping the ball to fly easily, while a harder rubber transmits a more rigid feel, but provides more precision.

Blades with soft rubber and fiberglass

Blades with hard rubber and carbon fiber




peso-pala-padelMany players become obsessed with weight when choosing a padel racket. It is normal, since a few grams up or down can make a difference.

In general, we look for a lighter weight when we want greater maneuverability or if we do not have too much strength, and we choose a heavier racket when we want to take advantage of the racket’s own inertia to achieve maximum power in the blows.

At Varlion you can choose the weight range of your racket when placing the order, so you will be sure to receive the racket that best suits what you are looking for.

And, of course, if you still have any questions, you can contact our specialists through our social networks. We will be happy to help you!