Noa Cánovas Champion of the UPT Leganés Open

The Varlion player wins her first professional title at just 19 years old


Noa Cánovas has been proclaimed Champion of the UPT Leganés Open winning against more than 100 players in the second event of this new professional circuit. This is the Ultimate Padel Tour, a competition that has started in 2024 with the aim of bringing the best padel around Spain.

The Madrid town of Leganés hosted all the matches of this tournament in which Cánovas has shown excellent form to win the trophy beating rivals such as Carolina Navarro, Marina Guinart, Lorena Rufo and Lucía Martínez. Precisely these last two were his rivals in the grand final, where Noa showed his bravery, self-confidence and quality to take the initiative of the game and close the first set with a resounding 6 a 2. The second set was tougher with a 3 to 5 against, but a great comeback forced the tie-break and finally the title fell to Cánovas and her partner Jimena Velasco (7-6).

The forecasts may not have been in favor of this result, but once again Noa Cánovas has shown that she has boundless talent and a very promising future ahead of her. Congratulations!