The Varlion 2024 Collection is here

The Varlion 2024 collection comes to light with a Premium Line that the most demanding padel players will fall in love with.


The wait has been worth it and we can now say that the 2024 collection is a reality. Discover the new features of the Varlion Premium Line for a year that promises many emotions with more surprises that will arrive in the coming months.

The collection has already been presented to professionals at two of the most important fairs in the sector such as the ISPO in Munich and Padel Trend Expo in Milan, but today it is finally launched so that all players can decide what their new racket will be in 2024.


Varlion presents its Premium Line with six blades that incorporate the best technologies on the market, but this collection does not end here, since more new features will arrive on April 1 to complete this magnificent collection.

The Premium Range is now available for pre-sale and all customers who purchase their racket before March 20 will receive a free Ambassadors backpack as a gift. This promotion is available in associated online and physical stores and at


The Premium Range is Varlion’s flagship and returns with six professional rackets designed and manufactured with top-level technologies and materials.

Within this line, two blades stand out thanks to RADIO technology, an innovation that changed the way rackets were historically manufactured to obtain a more resistant, flexible and lighter product. They are the Bourne Summum Prisma Radio and the Maxima Summum Prisma Radio.

In addition, the six blades are developed with other technologies at the forefront of the market such as:

  • Airflow: the drilling system that improves the aerodynamics of the blade. For the first time the holes were no longer round to achieve incomparable handling speed.
  • Prisma frame: reduces wind resistance by 10% to give us greater acceleration and handling when hitting shots.
  • SLICE: highly accentuated rough texture with lines in both directions so that both left and right handed players can make sliced shots.
  • Summum: it is the mixture of three specifications. The diffuser, an extra long handle and a larger hitting surface.
  • Handlesafety: safety system to prevent the rope from detaching from the blade, which could cause an incident.
  • Temperatures: all models are manufactured with Winter rubber (which performs better at temperatures below 25ºC) and Summer rubber (designed so that the blade does not lose performance when we play at high temperatures).


In addition to the RADIO, we find four other models that differ in their shape. To prioritize power we have the Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow and the Bourne Summum Airflow Cooper, for a more balanced game we have the Maxima Summum Prisma Airflow, and to prioritize control we find the LW Summum Prisma Airflow.

In short, this year Varlion has once again demonstrated its ability to be at the forefront of the market with a 2024 Collection that will surely make all padel lovers fall in love with it. Stay tuned because more news will be coming soon!