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Victor Ruiz joined our project in 2022. Since then, the Murcian has reaped great results, beating the most important couples on the circuit and entering the final rounds of major tournaments.

Armed with his LW Summum Prisma Airflow, Victor will be able to perform at the highest level thanks to the control that this racket provides when playing.



LW (Lethal Weapon) is a padel racket for professional level players with a round shape, whose main feature is control.


Airflow technology was developed in the Radio blades of the 2022 Collection, now it has been innovated with an innovative core construction for the new AIRFLOW 2023 including the elongated and circular hole system used in the Radio. This new construction, according to all the tests carried out with amateur and PRO players, transforms the racket into an excellent tool for medium and high-level amateurs, these being rackets that really help to obtain more power in all their shots.


This professional level paddle tennis racket has the Prisma frame, with which we managed to reduce the contact point of the frame against walls and surfaces by 90%, as well as 10% air resistance. All this translates into a better maneuverability of the racket and greater acceleration capacity in the blows.


On the other hand, we have reinforced its most fragile point (the head) with an adhesive protector that adapts perfectly to its shape, the Prisma protector. This not only covers the frame, but also its junction with the plane of the blade.


Other novelties in the 2023 Collection will be the rough texture on the plane called Slice, which has been designed and developed with a series of curved lines that make the ball surface more attached to them. In these blades, the roughness is more noticeable than in all the blades of the Summum 2022 Range.


In addition, to solve the changes that the temperature exerts on the materials of the blades, this model has been manufactured with two types of rubber: a softer one, called “W”, recommended to be used at low temperatures or up to 25ºC; and a harder one, called “S”, recommended for use at temperatures above 25ºC.


For this reason, it is recommended to carry both shovels in the racket bag so that the player uses one model or another, depending on the ambient temperature.


As its name suggests, the LW Summum Prisma Airflow includes Summum technology in its construction, which is based on the sum of several factors:


– A longer grip for a more comfortable grip and to facilitate the two-handed backhand.

– A 1 cm longer hitting surface.

– A gradual hole pattern to improve and widen the sweet spot of the racket.

– Diffuser Wings technology that provides more manageability and precision.

– Handlesafety technology, a new security system for the handle.