Varlion, Sponsor Técnico de Mendoza Premier Padel

Varlion arrives at Mendoza Premier Padel as Technical Sponsor and an Exclusive Racket

After having enjoyed a lot of padel in different cities around the world, Premier Padel will land at the Aconcagua Arena stadium from August 8 to 14.


It is Premier Padel’s first time in Argentina and we wanted to accompany them in style: we are Technical Sponsor of Mendoza Premier Padel!


And as usual, tournament in which we are OFFICIAL RACKET, tournament in which we make an EXCLUSIVE DESIGN. Read on to know the official paddle and the official ball of this Premier Padel.

Maxima Summum ARG, la pala oficial de Varlion para Mendoza Premier Padel.

Maxima Summum ARG: Exclusive Design for Mendoza Premier Padel


This is the first time an exclusive racket is designed for a Premier Padel tournament and we have decided to give it the control and power that a tournament of this caliber requires.


The Maxima Summum ARG is a racket for advanced players with all the features of the Summum Tecnologies and is composed of an intermediate rubber.


Thanks to its medium-high balance and wide sweet spot, players will continue to fall in love with our Maxima Technology (rounded teardrop shape for control and power).


Now available the PRE-SALE of the Official Racket of Premier Padel Argentina in our online store. ¡Click here and go to see it on our website!

Summum Pro Winter, las bolas oficiales con las que se jugará Mendoza Premier Padel.

Summum Pro balls come rolling in from Madrid to Mendoza!


After announcing the Official Ball of Madrid Premier Padel, the balls ‘jump’ the ocean to reach Mendoza. In this tournament, the Official Ball for Mendoza Premier Padel will be Summum Pro Winter. A ball that is manufactured with more pressure and will make the show on the court is assured.