New Prisma and Prisma Plus bumpers

Now available the new bumpers for all the rackets with Prisma Frame

In 2022 we launched the Prisma Frame, ua patented technology that revolutionized the way in which racket frames had historically been manufactured.


Thanks to the Prisma Frame we managed to reduce wind resistance by 10%, which translates into better manageability and a greater speed of movement of the racket, which in turn allows greater acceleration and speed in the game.


Prisma Frame

The new frame had proven its effectiveness in the wind tunnel, however, it forced us to rethink the design of traditional protectors to adapt them to this prism shape. How did we do it? We launched the Prisma Bumper, onto the market, which was perfectly adapted to the new shape of the racket. It is an adhesive protector that protects the frame against blows against the wall or glass on the track, it weighs 9 grams and is designed to avoid drilling holes in the racket, weakening its structure.


Today we come to announce two new bumpers for the rackets with Prisma Frame, which you can find in the 2022 and 2023 collections:


  • Prisma Frame 2023: It is a new version of the traditional Prisma protector, but simplified. It protects the most sensitive areas, but its structure is reduced so that the weight is less. They are only 7 grams extra and can be found in black and silver.

Prisma Bumper 2023


  • Prisma Plus Bumper 2023: it is the most complete version of the Prisma protector, since it offers maximum security against blows against the wall. Its structure has been enlarged to give maximum protection to the frame. Its weight is 11 grams and it is especially recommended for light rackets or for players looking to add weight to the head of the racket to increase its offensive balance.

Prisma Plus Bumper 2023


The new bumpers are already on sale in our online store And you? Which do you prefer?