Varlion arrives in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Varlion distribution lands in the Baltic Countries

Varlion expands to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with the help of UAB Sporto inventorius, a company located in the city of Klaipėda, which will be in charge of distributing the brand exclusively in these three Baltic countries.


In recent years, the Baltic countries have witnessed the exciting growth of padel in the region with more padel courts appearing in their cities. UAB Sporto inventorius starts this project with the mission of providing padel players in the Baltic countries with the highest quality equipment to improve their game.


varlion-blaticsGreta Skaraitė, Director of UAB Sporto inventorius, tells us why she chose to work with Varlion: “With a reputation for innovation, performance and durability, Varlion is a trusted brand in the world of padel. Their cutting-edge equipment is designed to help you perform at your best, whether you’re competing in a tournament or enjoying a friendly match with friends. whether in competitive matches or enjoying a friendly match with friends”.


“We believe that padel has the power to unite communities, promote an active lifestyle and foster  friendly competition. UAB Sporto inventoryius is committed to being your partner on this exciting padel journey. We’re here to support players of all levels and ages, ensuring that you have access to the gear and expertise you need to excel in this exhilarating sport.”, says Greta Skaraitė.


“Stay tuned for exciting updates, events, and promotions as we work together to make padel a household name in the Baltics. Together, we’ll shape the future of padel in our region, one swing at a time” concludes the director of UAB Sporto inventorius.


Varlion also wants to show its satisfaction with the signing of this agreement: “This union represents a great commitment on our part to bring the best padel rackets on the market to the Baltic countries. We have great expectations and confidence that this alliance will bring us great commercial successes in the future while maintaining the distribution quality standards that have always characterized us”.


The sale of Varlion products is already underway in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which represents an important advance in the padel market in the Baltic countries. All padel players and fans who are in cities such as Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius or any other of these countries can now enjoy the best material for playing padel.


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