Summum Pro S, the official ball for Madrid Premier Padel

Varlion is the official ball of Premier Padel in Madrid

Varlion Summum Pro

Premier Padel lands in the capital of Spain and the world padel. From August 1st to 6th, we will be able to see the best padel players from all over the world at the Wizink Center.

From Varlion we are very happy to announce that in this first edition of Premier Padel in Spain, we will be the Official Ball of the tournament. That’s right, the Summum Pro balls are the chosen balls that will be used to play the preliminary stages and the final tournament.


Varlion will let the players choose the type of ball


From the first moment we have made available to the Professional Players Association (PPA) the Summum ball in S and W versions so that they can test and choose the type of ball they want to play with.


Characteristics of the Summum Pro W or S balls.


As you already know, we manufacture high performance balls developed exclusively for the practice of padel,, not being compatible for tennis.

They are balls that have been manufactured taking into account the influence of environmental and geographical conditions in which they compete (atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity).

The Summum Pro S ball is a ball with less pressure than usual, developed to play in areas with low pressure and high temperatures, i.e. in high altitude areas and in summer (Madrid, Valladolid, Mexico or Johannesburg are some examples of places where this type of ball should be used).

The Summum Pro W ball is manufactured with more pressure to play in areas at sea level or in indoor areas in the months other than summer.

The main feature is the durability, both in the plush and in the maintenance of its pressure to play longer with the ball in perfect condition.

If you are going to be present at Madrid Premier Padel, visit our stand to know the latest news!