Mike Yanguas Collection


Varlion introduces an exclusive Mike Yanguas line

Mike Yanguas, player linked to Varlion since 2017, will have his own line of products within the brand.


Varlion launches the Mike Yanguas Collection, a new line of products for 2023 focused on its franchise player. Mike has been part of the brand for six years and for the first time he will have an exclusive and personalised collection of products.


The young player will wear his own Bourne Summum Airflow MY racket after testing different prototypes until he found the ‘perfect’ one. For this year Mike’s racket has a new mould, aesthetics associated with copper, black and titanium grey colours and new technologies from the 2023 collection.

AIRFLOW technology comes to Mike Yanguas’ racket after being perfected after a year of testing and trials. With a new core construction, this technology revolutionises traditional drilling to create elongated perforations that are placed between the frame in the middle and lower area and a distribution of 13mm holes in the area where they have the greatest effect to reduce air resistance and thus achieve an aerodynamic improvement.


SLICE Technology The Bourne Summum Airflow MY will keep the well-known Varlion texture, but with more relief to give more spin to the ball. Red rubber in the Summer version and black in the Winter version, Varlion uses different rubber colours to recognise which is the hardest and which is the softest racket, which is for playing in temperatures above 20/25º and which is for playing in temperatures below 20/25º. With this, it is intended that when the player is during a tournament with higher or lower temperatures, try both versions and the one that best suits his game is the one he uses in that match, without having to resort to putting the racket in the drinks cooler to cool it down and thus be more controllable, something that players of other brands do when playing with a single product.

“It’s one of the most powerful blades I’ve ever had and fast at net,” Mike Yanguas can be heard saying in the presentation video that has been published.


In addition to the racket, it is confirmed that it will carry a line of backpacks and matching PRO paddle rackets, which will be a perfect complement for all his followers. We also know that this line will not stay here, so we will have to follow closely everything that Varlion is preparing for the full launch of products with the image of Mike Yanguas.

Racket bag Summum PRO MY 
PVP 108,99€


Bourne Summum Prisma MY S
PVP 438,50€


Bourne Summum Prisma MY W
PVP 438,50€


 Ambassadors backpack  MY
PVP 95,99 €