Mention should be made of a very special fan and follower of our brand. We speak about Tomy Mira, better known as PAPITO, the famous “crazy man” that got tattooed the Avant Carbon Hexagon paddle racket in his leg.

We were pleasantly surprised by his tattoo and even more when we saw the picture. Yet Tomy’s madness wouldn’t stop there.

Tomy has the same passion for Varlion as for singer Sergio Dalma. So Martin Iacono, one of our Play & Test managers in Salamanca along with Javier Sabido, challenged Tomy to take a photo with Sergio. Accompanied by his Avant Carbon Hexagon paddle racket Tomy fulfilled the challenge and took a photo with the singer, bringing his two passions together.

PAPITO has fulfilled his part so it’s our time do ours. We gave him a new Varlion paddle-racket bag and shared this article in our website and social networks in gratitude for the loyalty and confidence he placed in us. Tomy is really a very special person and this is how we want to thank him.

Once again, thanks Tomy for “carrying” Varlion with you always!