In addition to quality guarantee we present satisfaction guarantee. Varlion has a paddle-racket model for every player and we are so entirely sure that we want you to check it for yourself.

How can you be sure of this? It´s very easy.

Choose your paddle-racket of the new collection, buy and take it home and test it for 72 hours to be completely sure that is the appropriate paddle-racket for you.


1. Test the paddle-racket. Do you like it? It´s yours!
2. Test the paddle-racket. Don´t you like it? If you prefer to return it, send an email to [email protected] to request a return. We will check the paddle-racket for damages and then we will contact you for refund.
3. If paddle-racket is fine but you like it lighter o heavier, send an email to the same address and request a lighter or heavier paddle-racket. Once you have it you will have 72 hours more to test your new paddle-racket. Be careful, only one change is available.
4. You have tested the paddle-racket but still want to test other model, send an email to the same address and request an alternative model. Once you have it you will have 72 hours more to test your new paddle-racket. Be careful, only one change is available.

NOTE: You have to be a Club Varlion member to enjoy the service.


– It is COMPULSORY to be a Club Varlion member to enjoy the service.
– Customers will have 72 hours to test the product.
– Only one free change is available for model/weight. If customer wants more changes then will have to pay the shipping freight.
– Customers can test every model ONLY once on the same purchase and only Varlion can approve another test. For example, once a customer had bought a paddle-racket model to test then he won’t be able to buy the same paddle-racket model to test 15 days later. Only one purchase to test is accepted for every paddle-racket model. Nevertheless, customer can purchase the same paddle-racket model as normal, without testing.
– Customer will have the opportunity to request a second test to Varlion by sending an email to contact[email protected]. Varlion will decide whether to approve it or not.
– If customer bought a paddle-racket and then wants to test a higher charge paddle-racket then customer will have to pay the difference.
– If customer finally buys a lower charge paddle-racket Varlion will pay the difference in the same way that customer did.
– There will be no changes in case of body or frame rupture, we will give the paddle-racket back to the customer and considered it sold. Varlion shall not be liable nor may the customer demand Varlion.
– Varlion reserves the right to remove Test&Buy at any time without prior announcement, or by notice posted on our website’s home page, social networks or Newsletter.
– If customer buys more than one unit of the same paddle-racket model by Test&Buy, it shall be considered one unit.
– This service applies only for shipment inside Spain and the Balearics. Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands are excluded.