Magnum Technology is based on a core with two materials: high rebound rubber on the top and bottom and ultra soft tender foam on the middle, all covered with Texalium Rhombus, a material consisting of fiberglass and aluminum, that provides great resistance and elasticity and added rebound. How Magnum Technology functions:

– With Magnum Technology rebound and compression work on the tender rubber (white rubber) for easy strokes (services, lobs, etc.)

Golpe suave

– By contrast, for hard strokes compression works on both rubbers and the hard rebound comes from the black rubber (rubber).

Golpe fuerte

Ultimately, after much research and development of exclusive cores for the brand, this technology allowed us to resolve the two main problems of a soft core paddle-racket:

1. Less durability and higher risk of damage caused by higher core flexibility (corrected by our high rebound rubber).

2. Stroke absorption with loss of strength (corrected by the sandwich development, with ultra soft tender foam on the middle and high rebound rubber on the top and bottom).

All this without forgetting Texalium Rhombus, a more resistant and durable material than glass fiber, that also provides greater service life and optimum fracture safety.