Pablo Lijó Champion of Madrid WPT Challenger

Pablo Lijó and Maxi Gabriel are Champions of Madrid WPT Challenger!

Last Sunday, June 3, at Club Deportivo Somontes, an intense day of padel was played with the semifinals in the morning and the final in the afternoon.

The physical exhaustion of the morning and the short time to recover wasn’t a handicap for Pablo Lijó and Maxi Gabriel, who with great regularity and concentration, knew how to beat the duo formed by Uri Botello and Javier Ruiz in just over an hour with a total score of 6-3 and 6-2.

Although the weather did not help this WPT Challenger going through water, the end has been the best that could be expected. We want to congratulate our Varlion Pro Team player for the great work and effort he has done throughout the tournament.

We are #VarlionTeam