Chipi Muñoz is already a member of Varlion Pro Team

Padel player Jaime “Chipi” Muñoz is our new official addition to the Varlion Pro Team.

The young eighteen-year-old is already a consecrated promise of the padel world. His ambition has led him to be one of the best junior padel players. He has obtained the number one ranking in Spain in all categories, has been runner-up in the world twice and runner-up in Spain in three.

‘Chipi’ feels happy with this new relationship and he wanted to convey to us with these words: “I am proud to be backed by the most prestigious padel brand. Playing with Varlion is playing with advantage.” And he also wanted to highlight the security and confidence that the padel rackets bring to his game. In his words: “Varlion’s padel rackets does not punish the player’s mistake so much, it’s as if you were always playing with an automatic pilot that helps you at all times”.

In Varlion we are very excited about the great incorporation of Jaime, we have a lot of faith that he will bring us many joys. Stay tuned to our website and social networks to be aware of them!