The padel player Arturo Coello, third place of the world and semifinalist of Spain in the cadet category, has officially become part of the Varlion Junior Team.

Arturo, from Valladolid, aged fifteen, has become one of the players with the greatest projection on the national scene. He has recently won two great professional World Padel Tour players such as José Diestro and Teo Zapatain in the first federated tournament of Extremadura circuit.

After confirming our agreement, Arturo wanted to convey a few words: “I am happy for the great opportunity that I currently have to continue growing with Varlion. Training and playing with Varlion’s padel rackets is one point more of quality. Always, since I was little, I played with their padel rackets because they are the best for me and the ones I like the most, and I love being able to belong to this great brand.” Among its short-term objectives is to win the Spanish Championship and start playing the World Padel Tour. As a dream, he has in mind to be the number one in the world in the future.

For our part, we are happy and very motivated for his joining to the Varlion Junior Team. This great team will give a lot to talk about!

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