Amazing debut of Juan Belluati in Catalonia Master

The Argentine player has started the season brilliantly along with his new padel racket, the Bourne Summum Carrera 25, reaching his first final of the year and astonishing with his high level of play throughout the tournament.

The player of the Wolrd Top Ten began his journey on the first date of the World Padel Tour of the year with very good feelings with Juan Lebrón, his new partner.

The first game of the season and the tournament was the round of sixteenths, where the duo Belluati-Lebrón got the pass to the round of eight finals after winning 3-6 / 6-3 / 2-6 to Martín Di Nenno and Juan Manuel Restivo.

Later they faced Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello. A new test in which the sensations of the Argentine player on the court were improving, thus achieving victory in two sets (2-6 / 3-6) and the pass to the quarterfinals.

In the quarterfinals the match went to three sets and was fought until the last moment. With the score of 7-6 / 5-7 / 6-4 the young couple nicknamed “The Juanes” got the pass to the semifinals.

The road became more and more arduous, and proof of this were the rivals to beat in the penultimate step of the tournament, the number one in the world, Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima. In an exciting match in three sets and with a crowded pavilion, we saw one of the most amazing encounters of Juan Cruz Belluati. With a final score of 6-4 / 1-6 / 6-3 they were able to achieve the desired victory.

After the semifinals came the big final against Maxi Sanchez and Sanyo Gutierrez, in which the Argentines prevailed in a match to two sets that closed the tournament.

Despite not getting the title of Champions, Belluati acknowledged that it was one of the best weeks in his life showing very satisfied.

We give our sincere congratulations, and we are looking forward to seeing you shine on the court.