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    The young padel player Pepe Aliaga joins to the Varlion Junior Team! Young blood is still joining the already extensive staff of players who are members of the Varlion Junior Team. This time it is the turn of the Sevillian Pepe Aliaga, who with only 14 years and a lot
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    With an important track record in the professional circuit, her proven versatility and track safety are undoubtedly a great contribution to the Varlion Pro Team, and this is what Alicia wanted to convey, what she means to this team: “Uniting Varlion is a giant step in my professional career. The
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    Without fear and very sure of herself. This is how Beatriz Caldera defines herself, a 17 year old Vallisoletana girl who is already starting to stand out on the World Padel Tour circuit. Firm in our belief of supporting young talents, in Varlion we have decided to bet on Bea