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    It´s a pleasure to announce publicly and officialy that Seba Nerone will continue with Varlion for 3 years more. We had finally enlarged his contract until 2017, extending our 11 years contract for another 3 years more. We are very happy to have Seba in our team and to know
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    Mention should be made of a very special fan and follower of our brand. We speak about Tomy Mira, better known as PAPITO, the famous “crazy man” that got tattooed the Avant Carbon Hexagon paddle racket in his leg. We were pleasantly surprised by his tattoo and even more when
  • Varlion
    Magnum Technology is based on a core with two materials: high rebound rubber on the top and bottom and ultra soft tender foam on the middle, all covered with Texalium Rhombus, a material consisting of fiberglass and aluminum, that provides great resistance and elasticity and added rebound. How Magnum Technology