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    Padel player Jaime “Chipi” Muñoz is our new official addition to the Varlion Pro Team. The young eighteen-year-old is already a consecrated promise of the padel world. His ambition has led him to be one of the best junior padel players. He has obtained the number one ranking in Spain in
  • PolHernandez_movil_esp
    Padel player Pol Hernández has joined to the Varlion Junior Team! With only thirteen years is one of the great promises of padel at national level. It is currently number 1 in the Spanish ranking, and already has a new goal in mind for this season: try to get the three
  • Varlion
    The Argentine player has started the season brilliantly along with his new padel racket, the Bourne Summum Carrera 25, reaching his first final of the year and astonishing with his high level of play throughout the tournament. The player of the Wolrd Top Ten began his journey on the first