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    It’s a pleasure for us to announce that Calle del Deporte is already an Authorized Pro Shop! Here you will find the padel rackets of the 2017 collection, the accessories and balls. And in addition to that, you’ll also have test padel rackets at your disposal if you want to play and
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    From Varlion we are pleased to announce the new collection of Ergonomic padel racket bag, a line of products that extends our range. The new Ergonomic padel racket bag have the following features and improvements over previous designs: – 33% more volume / storage space. – Space for two padel
  • Varlion
    It is a pleasure for us to announce officially that soon we will market the Shock Out Padel Dampeners, including it on most of our 2018 padel rackets collection and as an accessory to add to your padel racket, no matter the brand. In Varlion we have strengthened our commitment