VARLION launches its new two balls paddle.

These are designed not only according to the type of the player game (fast or slow), but also on the influence of environmental and geographical conditions (atmospheric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity) in which they compete.

The main feature of both is the durability of not only the ball in relation to number of matches, but also in terms of quality of services of the ball over time.

The yellow ball, called LW PRO, has been thought to play in summer in low pressure areas, ie, inland and in offshore areas. This ball is characterized by a spectacular control, incredible feel and speed when you apply power on it.

The orange ball, called AVANT PRO, has the following differences: In addition to its color, it’s a ball with more pressure for areas at sea level or inland in winter, that is, where there´s not a high temperature.

As always, from Varlion, we wanted to develop a high quality product. We encourage all of you to try them, we are sure they won´t pass unnoticed.

Do you have balls to play?

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