We present the 2023 Collection: 25 rackets with new technologies, designs and several surprises

The 2023 Collection is already on sale for our dealers and in our online store

Today we present the 2023 collection with a total of 25 rackets divided into 7 ranges that adapt to all types of players and levels. All the material is already available in the Varlion online store, as well as in the wholesale clients of the brand.

New collection. New technologies

In our DNA is to continue innovating year after year and that is why we affirm that “launching a new collection is not only changing the paint and decoration”, but we boast of having given our machines a twist, including great innovations such as:

New AIRFLOW blades in the Premium Range

The AIRFLOW technology was developed in the Radio blades for the 2022 Collection. Now we have improved and perfected it with a new core construction to include it in all the Premium Range blades in the 2023 Collection. There are a total of six models that have been Manufactured with this unique technology in the world that revolutionizes traditional drilling to create elongated perforations that are placed between the frame and the core with the aim of giving greater fluidity to the passage of air and thus achieving unmatched aerodynamics.

From Varlion we bet on this construction after carrying outdifferent studies and tests with amateur and PRO players, so it transforms four of its standard blades into an excellent tool for medium and high level amateurs. With the implementation of AIRFLOW technology, these rackets help to obtain greater power in all shots. In addition, the entire Premium Range comes with a higher relief SLICE to give the ball more spin than the Prisma blades of the 2022 Collection.

Premium Line Varlion

Same behavior, different temperatures and colors

summer-winter-varlionFor years, in addition to being the only brand on the market with PREMIUM blades manufactured in Europe, at Varlion we have an additional differentiating element that is the different materials they use so that each racket model behaves in the same way regardless of the weather conditions, offering for this the same racket with two different hardnesses (cores). Thus we have the Winter to use below 20/25ºC and the Summer to use above 25ºC.

As a novelty in the 2023 Collection, the Premium rackets of the Summer model will be recognized by the red color of their rubber, which also gives them a very special differential aesthetic. Winter blades continue to have the classic black color to differentiate them.

In rackets from other brands we see how temperature changes force the player to adapt to a racket with less control and that fires more to be able to play with a higher ambient temperature. This does not happen in Varlion, since two identical and different rackets are manufactured, which allows the player not to have to modify his game whether he is on a court with 18ºC or on another with 26/27ºC.

Aerodynamic Drilling, new drilling system for other ranges

Another of the great advantages that 5 of our 7 ranges have is the new drilling system. Aerodynamic Drilling brings us a new drilling in the Pro, Black, Advanced, ITSV and ONE ranges of the 2023 Collection.


According to different aerodynamic studies that we have carried out in fluid software for the study of aerodynamics, it has been shown that the holes in the center of the blades generate turbulence. Thanks to Aerodynamic Drilling, they are reduced, offering greater resistance in the core and greater homogeneity in the blows by flexing the center of the racket less. This automatically generates an increase in the sweet spot of the racket.

Softcolor or more aesthetic novelties

softcolor-varlionAs we already mentioned, the PREMIUM Range brings an aesthetic novelty in the rubber of the Summer models, which now comes in red. This same decoration is also found in the BLACK and ADVANCED Ranges of the 2023 Collection, which in this case have a colored rubber to match the aesthetics of the racket.


Baptized as Softcolor, this feature brings a colourful, elegant and innovative touch to some of our 2023 Collection rackets.

Mike Yanguas Collection

mike-yanguas-collectionOther great news has been the presentation of the Mike Yanguas Collection, a line of products that we have dedicated with great care to the player Mike Yanguas, a firm commitment to our young franchise after six years with the Varlion Pro Team.


The player from Malaga is already using the Bourne Airflow MY rackets, where we know that Yanguas himself has been involved in the process and testing different models until he found the ‘perfect’ one. “It is one of the most powerful and fastest rackets I have had on the net”, he is heard saying in the presentation video that we published.


In addition to the racket, a line of backpack and padel racket bag was announced, which are a perfect complement for all his followers. We also know that this line will not stop here, so we will have to closely follow everything we are preparing for the full launch of products with the image of Mike Yanguas.