At Varlion we continue supporting padel tennis and continue our research to further improve our products and the performance for our players. On this occasion we collaborated with the Neuropsychology Group of the University of Almería focusing on how this sport promotes human health. The study, carried out with athletes and non-athletes, proved that the continued practice of racket sports prevents the mental aging. So, in individuals 50 or older athletes exhibited better cognitive abilities than sedentary individuals and showing a lower memory decline over the years.

This scientific study, using virtual techniques, to measure participants´ spatial memory has been a part of a Master degree project of two students: Juan Llamas and Rubén Sánchez, tutored by Pr. José Manuel Cimadevilla. This study, accepted for publication in the Experimental Aging Research magazine, sends out a clear message to sedentary people: if you practice sport, not only improves your physical form, but your brain as well.

According to the investigators in charge of this study “it is not necessary to be a superman. To get this improved cognitive ability the only requirement is to practice your favorite sport at least three hours a week, as we used to differentiate the groups this criteria”.

As a conclusion we can say padel is very convenient for health, both physically and psychically, and at Varlion we will continue our research by developing products of the highest quality and durability.