As the new Varlion application, VCustom Design, has been successful to design your own padel racquet, and the large quantity of units ordered has allowed optimization of our internal production processes to customize padel racquets at the same time, regardless of different shapes and colors.

All of that has reduced our production costs. Therefore we have decided to reflect it in the price of our products to ensure greater success and within the reach of all, in order every player can customize his own VCD racquet.

For that reason, from this point onward, new VCD racquet price is EUR 400; for orders for 2 units, EUR 370 per unit; and for 3 units, EUR 350 per unit.

For ordering two or more units, please contact us: [email protected].

Remember that if you are a member of the Varlion Club, you also get discount up to 10% and free shipping.

For customizations over 1 unit, this implies the design needs to be the same when it comes to racquet design and model, with the exception of the name in each unit.

Thank you all for making this possible and to make possible VCustom Design continues to be a resounding success.