Official Racket World Padel Tour Denmark 2022

Varlion, official racket of the World Padel Tour Danish Padel Open

The Nordic market continues to grow and we are doing it hand in hand with our partner Active Brands Group who distributes and develops the brand since 2021..


After the first European stop of the World Padel Tour in 2022 (Brussels) World Padel Tour en 2022 (Bruselas), padel arrives for the first time in Denmark, specifically in its capital, Copenhagen. In this landing full of spectacle, Varlion is looking forward to continue conquering followers and offering them our wide range of products.


Secrets aside, it is no longer news to talk about the development that this sport is having in the Nordic and Baltic countries… Its courts, sport centers, players or the tournaments in Sweden that have amazed half the world. <Thanks to our agreement with Active Brands Group as an official distributor , We are delighted to have a presence in countries such as: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, This has allowed us to further consolidate our global strategy and expand our commercial network.

Photo: Alexander Rodriguez Forsgren, Felix Regalia, Helene Briggert y Pierre Garami.

Varlion and ABG Group agreement.

Varlion, official racket of the Danish Padel Open 2022.


One of the best products that can be purchased as a souvenir of this first World Padel Tour in Denmark will be the official and exclusive racket that we have designed for the Danish Padel Open. A limited series of 500 numbered units, which will be available in a buy through our official online store.

Maxima Danish Padel Open
Official Racket World Padel Tour
Maxima Danish Padel Open

Maxima Danish Padel Open Characteristics


The official racket, part of one of our star models: Maxima Summum Prisma. With a rounded teardrop shape and our “W” rubber, it is a racket with a low hardness rubber that responds optimally in low temperatures or up to 25ºC. The Maxima Danish Padel Open is designed for people who are looking for control in your game without sacrificing power. Thanks to its Prisma Frame we get a better maneuverability and greater acceleration capacity in the blows.


Gracias a la Slice Technology, its rough texture has been designed and developed with a series of curved lines that allow us to to apply more and better effects on the ball. In short, a control ‘weapon’ that adapts very well to different types of players, both defensive and offensive.