On Friday March the 21st,  pro-players Seba Nerone and David Gutierrez attended the Humanitas Bilingual School in Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid.

Students participated during two days, on Thursday and Friday, where aspects such as sports, coexistence and companionship were assessed. We wanted to be present at this time with our players Seba Nerone and David Gutierrez in a fun chat where the kids could enjoy asking questions, find anecdotes and get tips.

“Sports are essential in the daily routine to lead a healthy life, and even more for children to complete their full development, as well as to have a healthy diet.” These are some aspects communicated during this entertaining talk.

We would like to thank the referee Humanitas Bilingual School for giving us the opportunity to be present and to be part of this day. It was a great experience we would be happy to repeat.