The temperature affects your game in padel. How to deal with it?

Weather conditions influence when we play padel. Have you ever felt that your racket is not performing as usual?

Padel is a complex sport in which each court is different because the weather conditions have a decisive influence. It is not the same to play in one city than in another, at one altitude or another and with a higher or lower temperature. So we have no choice but to accept the situation and find the right solutions.

The ambient temperature directly influences the behavior of a blade by altering its hardness and flexibility; this makes our game changeable and unstable. It also influences the behavior of the ball, which will have more or less bounce and will force us to modify our game. That is why in this article we are going to explain what solutions we can take so as not to be so affected by the different temperatures.

How does temperature affect a padel racket?

bolas-varlion Varlion balls have been developed considering not only the player’s type of game (fast or slow), but also the influence of environmental and geographical conditions (atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity).

The Summum Pro W ball is made with higher pressure to play in areas at sea level, indoors in the winter months or with low temperatures.

The Summum Pro S ball is made with less pressure to play in summer in indoor areas and in high areas. It is a ball that is characterized by having spectacular control, incredible touch and great speed when we apply power to it.

Now that we have explained how the temperature can affect the padel and what solutions we have, it is time for you to pay attention to your next match and take into account the environmental conditions of the court to choose which material you will get the most out of your game. If you want to be like the professionals, not only with your physical performance, but also with your equipment, you must choose the rackets and balls that best adapt to the ambient temperature and weather conditions around you.