Regalia was qualified to pole position on Saturday, and after this the Argentine was unrivaled in the competition. He made a good start, escaped from his rivals and, despite that the safety car came out for a few laps, Regalia was dominating  the race with more than seven seconds ahead of the second: Ellinas. Regalia, the series’ seventh race winner from seven races, now moves up to second in the championship behind Ellinas.

Regalia takes lights-to-flag win in race one at Nürburgring. The good feelings about Friday made him achieve the pole position and the Argentine from team ART Grand Prix did not want to miss this chance to climb to the top of the podium. He started perfect, leaving behind his rival and the championship leader Tio Ellinas, and from the first lap he dominated the race. On the fourth lap, the safety car came out and decreased Regalias time with over three seconds. Nevertheless, he was not nervous and once the safety car came back in, Regalia made the most of his advantage and kept Ellinas and Harvey at bay.At the end of the fifteen laps, Regalia crossed the finish line over seven seconds ahead. With the points made in the competition on Saturday, plus the pole position and making the fastest lap, he ranks second in the tournament with seventy-two units.
“I’m very happy because this victory is amazing. The car was perfect from the first to the last lap. The start, which was one of my concerns was made perfect because the car did not skate. I could push from the beginning, and while the safety car came out I was still leading the way and also ensuring the fastest lap. I have been chasing victory since Valencia and today I finally made it”, explained Regalia. “This victory is for my dad, Adrian, and to all the people who are working with me and making a huge effort and, of course, also all of Argentina and my fans for their support. It was very exciting to hear the Argentine anthem on the podium again”.

At Nürnburning second race on Sunday, Regalia started in the fourth row of the grid at eight place, and with the objective to reach a good result. However, he was not able to make a good race as he had to leave from the pit lane as the car, on the grid, stayed in a “neutral-mode” after that someone which was not from his team (ART Grand Prix) pressed a button on the outside of the car – the so-called; neutral button (or neutral switch) and the clutch became activated permanently.
Regalia was taken to the pit lane and until he couldn´t  turn off the engine, the mechanic returned to activate the neutral button again and the car started, but the Argentine could not put the first gear. Unfortunately, due to that this misfortune started already from the pit lane Regalia had to resume last position in the competition. Considering that it is very difficult to pass other cars at the circuit of Nurburgring, Regalia was able to pass altogether seven cars in six laps and achieved a good pace. But after seven laps, Regalia had to leave the circuit. The investigation is now active to see what actually happened, and who triggered the button that left no chances for Regalia to score or be front of Tio Ellinas. “It was a shame, because I think we could have scored more points. But the car went into neutral mode and I could not put first gear. By the time I was taken to the pit lane I was able to do it but I was in last position. I passed several cars and my intention was to make the fastest lap, but although I was close, even if I would´ve made the fastest lap it would not have counted due to that according to the regulations I had to be between the first teenth and I wasn´t”, explained the Argentine as leaving the car. “I wanted to finish ahead of Ellinas but today it didn´t go well. At least the pilots below me  in the ranking didn´t score in the tournament and I am still at second place. At the end of the month we will be in Hungary, there I want to keep fighting for the podium. I was the fastest in the collective of June and we have a good starting point. There are still  eight races left  and we are well positioned”.

The next race in Hungaroring is from 26th to 28th of July.

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