Varlion signed a contract with Ramiro Moyano until the 31st of December, 2016, with a possibility to sign for another year.

The Argentine player, although he already was signed as one of Varlions´ players, will further strengthen ties with the brand, and in this new phase he will not only assist in the improvement of both the technical and urban gear but also participate in the main events and marketing campaigns.

Ramiro is one of the youngest and most promising player of the sport, says his own peers and rivals. His game is characterized by his physical strength, aggressive on offense, and accompanied by a humility and an endearing character that makes him an admired player by all his enemies and opponents.

For us it is a new agreement, a new challenge and brings us new illusions that will hopefully grow even stronger. We are very happy that Ramiro will become a part of our professional team and wish him success.

“It’s just a matter of attitude”.