Official Statement: WPT Argentina / Leo Augsburger

Official statement: World Padel Tour Buenos Aires Padel Master and Leo Augsburger


Following the latest events and information released, we would like to clarify that:


  • Varlion’s NO participation in the World Padel Tour Buenos Aires Padel Master tournament is due to the fact that its promoter, Lisandro Borges, has broken his word and closed commitment with Varlion since February and ratified in June 2022.
  • In June 2022, the head of the World Padel Tour Buenos Aires Padel Master, Mr. Lisandro Borges, confirms that Varlion will be the OFFICIAL RACKET and this (the brand) is in charge of its design and manufacture. In August, the organizer reaffirms and checks the production of these rackets. Finally, in September he stated that there is a problem, because another brand (NOX) wants to exercise its trial and error condition on said sponsorship. In November, we found that Royal Padel will be the official racket and finally NOX announces said category.


  • It saddens us greatly that a circuit as renowned as the World Padel Tour has promoters with such a lack of ethics and professionalism, but the general public and other lovers of this wonderful sport should know that Varlion has not been able to be present at said event because it has not agreed to the “blackmail” in which we were involved.
  • Let it be known through the following statement that Mr. Lisandro Borges offered Varlion sponsorship as the OFFICIAL RACKET of the tournament in exchange for a letter of freedom from the player, Leandro Román Augsburger.


  • Leandro Román Augsburger, a professional padel player with a current contract, requested the termination of his contract on 09/7/2022. After trying to convince him to continue without success, the Varlion brand sent him the account number where he had to deposit the amount corresponding to his termination clause (€50,000). After 30 days, the brand did not receive payment of said amount equivalent to its termination clause, so said right expired.


  • After the unfounded rumors, we publicly manifested ourselves to clarify that we have irrefutable documentary evidence that shows that all the information necessary to make the payment of said clause was sent to the player via email. Said account number is the same one with which the brand pays your bills each month in your account in Spain.
  • Varlion never received any legal document proving that Mr. Lisandro Borges is the player’s representative, so at all times the player (person requesting the termination of the contract) is the one who should have paid the amount of his contractual clause.


  • We hereby deny that any termination clause payment has been received. Therefore, for legal purposes, Leandro Román Augsburger continues to be a player with a valid contract for the Varlion brand.


  • From the moment the player requested the termination of his contract, all means were granted for it. It is not the intention of this brand to force players to be in a place they do not want to be, but we do not and will not admit to breaching contracts.

  • From Varlion we have tried to get in touch with those responsible for the NOX brand to clarify the whole situation, without having received a response to our message.

Finally, from Varlion we are extremely sorry for this whole situation and our wishes were to be able to be present at the World Padel Tour Buenos Aires Padel Master as Official Sponsor as we did in 2021 and the continuity of Leo Augsburger in Varlion. In view of the fact that the organization of said tournament acted in bad faith, mixing the situation of sponsorship of the tournament with the breach of the player’s contract, we confirm that the brand has instructed its lawyers in Switzerland and Argentina to take the appropriate legal actions and corresponding.