New VARLION footwear model what is intended to dispel certain myths and shall revolutionize the paddle world.

It will be available up to eight different colors, and for this new collection we moved a step forward and meeting the needs of the paddle player, improving comfort, grip, stability and durability.

The GSx2 technology is specifically designed for providing the adequate grip while playing paddle on artificial grass. When the footwear does a linear or lateral displacement, our exclusive designed circles divert grass to the straight and oblique edges of our logo, thus giving an extra grip not usual in paddle footwear.

Thanks to this optimized Hyper Rubber technology this new sneaker is more durable. It consists of an exclusive rubber formulation developed for VARLION improving its abrasion resistance, always keeping the standard hardness for this kind of high-end footwear. It means an increase in the resistance of 50% compared to the product from other brands, without the slightest problem.

The V-Hexagon sneaker has passed the demanding and necessary quality controls. Nevertheless professional players such as Pablo Lima, Seba Nerone or David Gutiérrez already tested, just like no less than 300 of our monitors, and they all agreed in emphasizing its comfort, stability and grip.

We continue our brand philosophy getting an innovative and different design, maintaining our leadership.

Other technologies used in V-Hexagon sneakers:

HBS FIT (Hexagon Breathability Structure)
Design and technology used for the toecap, producing the characteristic hexagonal injected structure. It serves as structure at the same time and gets maximum flexibility and adaptability for every player´s feet, never-before-seen on the market.

V Stability Control
Side reinforcement made of rubber. We design this system using our logo (V) as an extension of the sneaker sole, which gives it an excellent stability and side support, with unprecedented comfort and flexibility.  Other paddle trainers have reinforcements of rigid materials in the sole, both sides and/or also the heel, hidden or not to provide that yearned for stability and side support, but penalizing comfort and flexibility that our system is characterized by. It is sufficient to take the new V-Hexagon sneaker and bend it to prove easily this quality and technology.

Insole made of EVA for high rebound effect low-hardness with a clear objective: providing a good comfort and additional suspension, on the basis of these parameters used by our paddle racquets. They have holes for increasing air flow between these and the player´s feet. It is easily verifiable removing the insole.

Phrase used for describing how air flows through the design and chosen materials used with a clear target: improving transpiration efficiency.

Design used in the sole, its material is harder than the used in the midsole and highly resistant against abrasion, protecting player´s feet against side-impacts.