New Diffuser tecnology

A design-technology inspired from a diffuser that was included for the first time with the Brawn GP team in Formula One, in the back and at the bottom of the car. With this diffuser the team achieved that the airflow moved in such a way that it caused an additional grip in in the moment of the traction of the car. Inspired by this diffuser, Varlion have designed and developed a diffuser to the heart of the paddle racket (the only area of the racket which is crossed by air regularly) and in this way the airflow moves in a straight line.

However, there is a difference of the big distance of the physical principle in the car to achieve an effect and for the racket it has another purpose, but in both cases, the diffuser serves to direct the airflow.Advantages found after tests were, improved speed of the player with a Varlion racket Avant diffuser compared to the same racket without a diffuser, both for fast shots as smashes (where it is most noticeable), as in medium shots. Also, tests showed that there has been achieved a greater regularity in the shots by making the trajectory more consistent by no influence of turbulence, that normally is provoked in the heart of a conventional racket, thereby attaining more shots with greater control.