Carolina Navarro and Pablo Lima winning Estrella Damm Master VII in La Caja Magica.

Emotions, dreams, joy and satisfaction is what Carolina Navarro and Pablo Lima felt after winning the most important title of the year. Carolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter managed to gain their first Masters Estrella Damm since they joined to play together. The world number one’s paddle tennis players were not sure of winning the Masters of Paddle, and it was their last chance due to the next years change in the professional circuit to World Paddle Tour.

The men’s final was presented on the spectacular setting of the center court of La Caja Magicawith the first two pairs of ranking. Nerone and Gutierrez landed in the finals in top form, after an excellent game during the Masters and after winning the last two titles (Bilbao and Logroño). To the contrary, Paul Lima and Mieres, after several tournaments without playing together, competed with less pressure. You could feel this throught the game as Lima and Mieres played an outstanding game (6-4 and 6-4).

In the women’s final Patty Llaguno and Eli Amatriain were highly expected, arriving as one of the pairs more in fit at the moment. They tried to stand up to the World Paddle female winners, but this time Cecilia and Carolina left no room for doubts. The result was 6-2 and 6-2 in just over an hour.

At final Seba Nerone won his own weight in beer (88 liters) as the star player who has achieved the most points throughout the tournament. The Argentine gived his best smile despite the defeat and acknowledged the work of the entire team that has helped him to gain one of the best seasons of his career.