It is a pleasure to announce that El Estudiante, historic and pioneer paddle, tennis and golf club, located in Alcobendas (Madrid), with 40 paddle tennis courts, 20 outdoors and 20 indoors, will host for 5 years the first Pro Shop Varlion with exclusive selling from October 1, 2015.

The School and Club management has taken the decision to implement the first PRO SHOP VARLION exclusively to sell only Varlion products and at once it will sponsor Paddle Student School.

The proposal was so very well receive that will be built during this September an exclusive building for the Pro Shop and the Paddle School in the club.

We want to thank the whole team of people who runs the school and Paddle Club for receiving Varlion this way, and become part of our official distribution network through its PRO SHOP to join the club and school’s image to the highest transparency, legality and service to its customers and partners.