The Argentina driver was confirmed to test with Lead¡field-based team next Tuesday, during GP2 tests taking place in Abu Dhabi. Regalia made an arrangement to drive one of Caterham Racing cars.

“I´m delighted with Caterham chance. Over the year they have shown interest in me, and it´s a very important fact for me. I wasn´t able to get the necessary budget to test even one day in GP2, but fortunately Caterham Racing made a very kind gesture towards me, inviting me to drive one of their cars. Obviously the best option was to test three days but not to test would have been even worse. I´m going to test alongside Alexander Rossi, and his experience will be very helpful for me, as he has driven for the team this year and will continue with them in 2014 as well. This test marks my third time at the wheel of a GP2 car, so I don´t want to miss this outstanding opportunity given and my aim is to keep learning”, Regalia said. Finally he wanted “to thank Mr Mia Sharizman, team owner, and Mr Phill Spencer, team manager at Caterham Racing, this chance. I will prove them they didn´t misplace their trust in me”.

On the other hand, Mr Spencer explained that “we´re delighted to have Facu joining the team for the official GP2 test. Facu is a very talented young driver and we will provide him with all the support he needs to ensure he completes a productive test programme”.

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