The padel player Eduardo Alonso, champion of Spain and runner-up of the world cadet 2017, becomes officially part of the Varlion Junior Team.

Edu, a Valencian born on January 8, 2001, is considered one of the great promises of the world panorama. He has been world champion by selections in 2015 in Mexico and in 2017 in Malaga. With enthusiasm and effort he aims to reach the professional circuit and give many joys to the national padel.

The Varlion Ambassador Pitu Losada will help Edu and his partner Alex Arroyo, already a member of the Varlion Junior Team, to achieve this goal by participating as a coach in his training.

The player has related that “signing with Varlion is a great step towards professionalism and it’s a privilege to be part of this prestigious brand”. When he played with the padel rackets with which he will use, he has expressed that “it’s incredible how the ball goes alone”. For him, “the padel racket does everything”.

With respect but with great ambition, Edu feels eager to improve, keep growing and is very happy after joining the Varlion Junior Team. For our part, we are very satisfied with his incorporation and the professional team that we are building.

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