Four hours of match, two couples fighting to exhaustion and a passionate public put up a final to be remembered. Our competitor Pablo Lima and Juani Mieres defeated the number ones Juan and Bela (2/6, 7/5, 7/6, 4/6 and 7/5) in a mythical match, one of those which enter sports’ history. There were comebacks, lesions, magical shots and applause in a completely full Camilo Cano.

The never-ending fight for the throne of the World Paddle Tour turned into a fierce battle of five sets and more than four hours at La Nucía. Juan and Bela started up magnificently in a first set that they took by 6/2. But after the mist, Lima and Mieres fought back and started to drive each ball, each game, and each point to put the best paddle couple against the ropes.


During the second set, they remained equal until the 5/5, where, with Bela’s serve, Juani and Lima succeeded in breaking the service. They did not let the chance go, and Lima closed 7/5 with his service and the match started again.

In this new scenario, doubts had transferred from Lima and Mieres to Juan and Bela. In the third set there was not one serve breakage and it was up to the tie-break to decide who was in clear advantage. Lima and Mieres knew how to handle best the situation, even though they were losing 2/0 at the beginning. They made a comeback and set the pace to win the third (7/6) in the tie-break (4/7).

In the fourth set, when 2/3 was in the scoreboard, Mieres lost his serving. It was the breath of air that Juan and Bela needed to save the match, or, at least, to force the fifth set.  And  that is exactly what happened. The coupe added the set (4/6) to take the final to the fifth and definitive set.

Lima and Mieres started to be aggressive again and, after breaking the serve of Juan Martín Díaz, they placed themselves 3/0. But Bela and Juan held up and tied (3/3). Equity reigned until the 6/5, when Bela had to serve in order to tie. There, Lima and Mieres took advantage of the chances to end the hit (7/5) and become the champions of the Estrella Damm La Nucía Open after more than four hours of playing.

We want to congratulate “the princes” for this incredible match and, specially, our competitor Pablo Lima, who never ceases to amaze us with his stamina and strength.