Carolina Navarro and her teammate Cecilia Reiter were crowned champions in the “Granada International Open”. They showed everyone who rules women´s platform tennis and why they are number one in rankings.

Carolina Navarro and Reiter lifted their third trophy this season. They finally won a closely-fought final against twin sisters Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto 6/4, 7/5.

Both champions attended the final held at Centre Court with a clear target in mind: to defeat their rivals and imposed authority with crushing win, and it was proven at the end of the second set when, 5-2 down, finally took win.

They took their first break in the first game, another in the third and as a consequence of this, leading 4-0. They both took advantage of their own merits and rivals´ failures, because the twin sisters weren´t having a good start of match.

But, step by step, the match settled and in the 8th game they were forced to face complications. They saved four break points but failed with 5th. By then rivals strengthened their performance and scoreboard was showing 5- at this moment.

It was the moment for Malaga-born player and she had to face new doubts. 15-40 and new chances for both twin sisters to level. But they managed to save this critical time, and other two more, and after sixteen points they finally were able to breathe easy, taking their first set.

After breaking Reiter´s serve in the 6th game, the scoreboard was 5-2 and from the on the match went mad. But both number one players took another break point in the 9th game, when Majo´s serve was to win that set.

It was a missed opportunity for their opponents and, just one game after that, they cracked. Triple break point at the beginning with Navarro on serve. No less than three break points to keep options but they failed. After breaking Mapi´s serve in the 11th game, they had no problems to secure their win in the match.

An important victory, consolidating their lead after Llaguno and Amatriain were defeated in quarterfinals, their closest rivals in the overall rankings.  Now just Valencia tournament is left, taking place on November 4-10, and they depend on themselves to keep for four season in-a-row their number one.

We really appreciate our players´ effort and excellent work, noticing Pablo Lima who played the final as well.

Next men´s tournament is taking place on October 7-13, WPT in Lisbon (Portugal).