Advantages of having an Ambassadors Leather Bags

Advantages of Having an Ambassadors Leather Bag

Ambassadors leather bags are, without a doubt, unbeatable when it comes to quality and style. They have become an essential accessory for both men and women looking for high-end padel bags.


A feature that stands out at first glance in these bags, in addition to their spectacular design, is their variety of compartments to store everything you need comfortably and safely, and not leave anything at home.


Do you want more reasons why you should have an Ambassadors bag?



Highest quality material


Ambassadors leather bags are made of perforated synthetic leather. This gives them a unique style and makes them extremely resistant. You can give it both a casual use combined with your street looks, as well as a sports use for the days when it comes to the game.



Big space


These bags were designed keeping in mind the needs of padel players.


As main compartments you will find, on the one hand, two large side pockets to comfortably store a shovel in each one and, on the other hand, a large main pocket in which you can store items such as clothes, towels, balls, etc.


It also has two small side pockets to store personal items such as mobile, sunglasses, keys, wallet … And finally, it has a special compartment for shoes, which includes openings that allow air flow and thus be sure that no odor or dirt will accumulate inside.





In addition to being durable, the Ambassadors paletero is also designed to keep everything in you safe. The zippers are waterproof and the entire interior is fully padded, thus avoiding possible damage that may be caused by impact.



Comfortable to wear


Ambassadors leather bags are very comfortable to carry, thanks to the fact that they include two ergonomic straps on the back to carry them as if they were a backpack. These straps are padded with a high protection pad and are also specifically designed to fit the shoulders and body shape.


In addition, the base of the bag that rests on the back is also padded in order to further increase comfort during transport.



Unique style


The Ambassadors paleteros are available in 4 colors (black, brown, white and burgundy), with a unique design and a very retro and elegant style, making you look incredible both on and off the track.



Do not miss yours!


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