Alicia Blanco is already part of the Varlion Pro Team

With an important track record in the professional circuit, her proven versatility and track safety are undoubtedly a great contribution to the Varlion Pro Team, and this is what Alicia wanted to convey, what she means to this team: “Uniting Varlion is a giant step in my professional career. The brand and its surroundings give me the security, quality and professionalism that I look for to continue aspiring to reach my goals in the coming years”.

Together with Bea Caldera (also a player of the Varlion Pro Team), they form one of the more potential duos of the WPT circuit.
For this year 2018 Alicia’s goal is to continue to improve her already unquestionable quality of play and delivery on the track: “Being among the Top 30 of the WPT is a goal that I strive hard to reach, and the other is to achieve optimal level possible to reach the highest possible number of finals tournaments.”

In Varlion we are sure that all the effort and perseverance of Alicia will give us many joys and emotions this season.

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