They say you always return to your first love, although it sounds a bit romantic, that is what has happened in the world of Paddle Tennis. One of the most historic and prize-winning pair rejoins the game to face the competition of the highest level in 2013. We are talking about Gaby Reca and Seba Nerone.

Reca – Nerone is synonymous with Paddle Tennis. They have been the reference of this sport since they joined the finals together last century. Being very young, we could say that they became the successors of another mythical couple “Gattiker-Lasaigues” and were dominating the international circuit back then until Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguin appeared on the scene.

We must go back to 1996 to remember their first game as a couple, they met in an Argentinean tournament, but only formalized their “partnership” in 1998. From here they began their success and two years later they were ranked world top-leaders. A reign that lasted for a short time, until 2002, when the exciting duels with Diaz-Belasteguin began.

A “war” for the top-ranking that lasted until December 2006, when Reca-Nerone separated, just after losing the final of the Masters before the current leaders.

Today, six years later, the news of their return is still shocking. With more years, but also more experienced, they will again become one … Reca-Nerone.

This duo, that beyond their sporting successes, left mark here in Spain for have identified themselves with “Atlético de Madrid”, returns “full of illusion” or as Nerone expressed himself: “It was nine years of marriage, sharing several hours together. I have only good memories with Gaby and to play again with this illusion is just a surplus of energy for the rest of my career”.An opinion, that his partner shared to hundred percent, but warned him that; “this is a different stage. It would be wrong of us try to repeat what we already did, or imitate things of the past. We have both developed, individually we are better players, and that added to the experience and the desire to compete, I think it can be a very good formula.”

Both are aware that all eyes will be on them, that the comparisons begins, but they say that the “pressure” does not weigh them down. To Reca “the ideal is to seek new targets. We will not set goals and let alone think about the ranking. Given my age and what’s left of my career, I will seize every minute to think about myself and my partner. I will strive to give my best in every match and that will lead our way.”

They are also clear on that John and Bela “are not our battle.” There are other shorter-term objectives and many couples ahead before we start thinking about becoming number one. We will go step by step and hopefully one day we can return to fight for the top ranking”, said Nerone.

The season for 2012 has not yet finished, but many are already waiting anxiously for the next season of 2013 to begin for the return of the “legendary” Reca – Nerone in action.

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