Facu Regalia took a new step forward to fight back the podium title in the GP3 tests. The classifications was not like anyone had expected – the Argentine from Buenos Aires started off at eight place but during the race everything changed. Regalia passed two cars at the start and in the first round he overtook a third car and a ranking of fifth. The safety car came out already in the second round due to an accident at the start and when he left the track, Regalia fought to keep the fifth place. In the final rounds , Regalia was able to avoid the accident between Sainz and Harvey and reach a third position, giving him the lead position in the GP3 championships with ten points more than Tio Ellinas that ended the race on eighth position.

“I’m very happy, especially because the classifications didn´t go well. I made a good start, passing at first two cars and soon also Yelloly from the outside. I had to fight the fifth because Korjus and Sims came on very strong, and I did not want to lose contact with Sainz and Harvey” said Regalia. After the safety car had left, “I could avoid the accident between Sainz and Harvey, which was not easy because I was very close to them and also the remains of the cars were dangerous for my tires. When I finally reached the third position I knew it was a great result because, with Ellinas at eighth , the leadership was mine. And it is also another podium for Argentina with the flag up there”. For tomorrow , “this result gives me even more moral. I will start at sixth and I would like to finish in the top five. Let´s see how the day is tomorrow because if it rains, as the forecasts says, it may be a very difficult race for everyone. As I said this morning, you have to race with your head”.

On Sunday, Facu Regalia made another great performance with the ART Grand Prix car, where he reached the third place which also gave him the fifth place of the season and also added points to the overall leadership of the tournament. Regalia started off sixth and located well from the beginning – showing already the day before that he wanted to finish in the top five –and finally finished third soon after. During the race he kept the third place, adding in total 115 points for the championship and finished off a good weekend increasing the points between the second lead which now is his teammate Connor Daly.

“I made a good start, it is a pity that I got closed by Sims because otherwise I could have finished second if not first. Fortunately I was able to locate myself at fourth and then in third place, and Ellinas stayed out. It was a great race and I am very happy with the result because now I am the leader of GP3”, said Regalia. But there are still two races left and the Argentine is already thinking about Monza. “This weekend we reached the leadership, but there are still two races left,  we are on the right track but we have not gained the title yet and only hard work will give us the chances we need to win the title. In Italy I want to keep the lead and if we can; increase the points to reach the UAE with our rivals as far as possible”.

The date of the next race in Monza is between 6-8 th of September.

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