Hugo García Martínez

Personal data

Born at Argentina on 08/19/1998

Professional experience

  • Nº 2 in the FMP Ranking category Benjamin.
  • Champion 2014 Almería Padel Indoor El Ejido Tournament.
  • Participation in Championship of Spain of Minors 2014.
  • Component of the Novopadel-Ondapadel Juvenile Team 2014.
  • Component of the Villapadel Team of the Drop Shot League 2014.
  • Component of the DUET Padel 2015 Youth Team.
  • Component of the Duet Padel Team of the Drop Shot League 2015.
  • Ranked in 15th place in the 2015 FMP Junior category.
  • Participation in the TYC of Valencia.
  • Participation minor FMP tournaments 2016.
  • Participation in the Spanish championship for minors 2016.
  • At present, player of 1st category of the Madrid Federation of Padel circuit.
  • Currently, playing the WORLD PADEL TOUR circuit at position 265.



Sporting experience

  • It starts in the world of Padel with 7 years
  • Until May 2013 he combines the practice of padel, directed by Juan Valdivia, with soccer training in the Youth of Móstoles team.
  • In January 2014 he left the competition in football to devote himself exclusively to padel.
  • Currently, he trains with the help of Máximo Castellote for 7 years.
  • Working the physical section with Roberto Martín Ochando (physical trainer and nutritionist) 2018 – 2019
  • May 2019: He made a Training Campus for 1 week at the Ariel Pádel Club in Nabari (Japan) next to Máximo Castellote.
  • Currently, collaborator in the training courses of monitors and coaches of Padel (APA) with Máximo Castellote and Jorge Nicolini.
  • Currently, working at the Duet Padel Academy-Máximo Castellote Academy.
  • Currently, working as a monitor and coach at Duet Sports Las Rozas.
  • Currently, captain of the veteran team of Duet Sports Las Rozas.


Vocational training

  • February 2015: Paddle Monitor Course taught by Máximo Castellote and Jorge Nicolini (APA)
  • March 2018: Padel Trainer Course taught by Máximo Castellote and Jorge Nicolini (APA)
  • May 2018: Children’s Padel Instructor Course taught by Maximo Castellote and Jorge Nicolini (APA)
  • September 2018: Padel physical preparation course taught by Máximo Castellote and Roberto Martín Ochando (APA)
  • Currently studying Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at Alfonso X el Sabio University. 4th year.