Daniel Carro Nieto


Personal data

Born in Spain on 10/12/1979

Profesional experience 

  • +20 years of experience as a player (FMP 1st / 2nd cat. Tournaments, pre-tour PPT / FEP tournaments, etc).
  • 15 years of experience as a padel instructor / coach (Manolo Santana Sport Center / López Maeso / Duet Sport / etc).
  • 2 years experience adapted paddle monitor in ASPADO schools.
  • Captain of the junior category 1st team of Duet Sports Las Rozas in the FMP leagues.
  • Titular Monitor in Adapted Padel Schools (ASPADO) in Duet Sports and CET.
  • Member of Marketing and Events Department Duet Sports Las Rozas.
  • Commercial Department (Marketing – Events) Varlion Academy.
  • Responsible for Training Minors Pre-Competition Varlion Academy.



Vocational training

  • Senior Telecommunications Engineer
  • Monitor and Trainer (APA)
  • Children’s Padel Instructor (APA)
  • Adaptive Padel Monitor (ASPADO)