Competitive, fighter and constant, this is Lorena Vano.

Lorena was born in Naples (Italy) on August 15, 1999 and currently resides in Malaga (Spain). She has been a member of the Varlion Pro Team since 2021, which meant fulfilling a dream for her, who says she has always admired our brand, for the quality of the material and the years of history.

Lorena Vano has been going strong and promises to continue advancing and climbing more positions together with her LW Summum Prisma.




LW (Lethal Weapon) is a padel racket for professional level players with a round shape, whose main feature is control.


This model has the Prisma frame, for better racket maneuverability and greater acceleration capacity in hits.


On the other hand, we have reinforced its most fragile point (the head) with an adhesive protector that adapts perfectly to its shape, the Prisma protector. This not only covers the frame, but also its junction with the plane of the racket.


When applying spin to hits, it presents a rough texture on the plane called Slice, designed so that the surface of the ball rubs more against them.


In addition, to solve changes in temperature, it has a hard-core Winter version and a very hard-core Summer version.


As its name suggests, the LW Summum Prisma includes Summum technology in its construction, which is based on the sum of several factors:


  • A longer grip than the usual ones to provide the player with a more comfortable and professional grip, and also to facilitate the grip for those who use both hands on backhand shots.
  • A 1 cm longer hitting surface.
  • A gradual drilling pattern with a greater number of holes (76 in total), to improve and expand the sweet spot of the racket.
  • And the Diffuser Wings technology at the heart, with an aerodynamically improved diffuser, which provides more manageability and precision.


And finally, it is worth highlighting the Handlesafety technology, a new security system for the handle. With this system, the rope passes through the two walls of the handle and exits on both sides of the ferrule, thus providing safety and comfort in the grip. 100%.