Termometros S+W

Different materials for different temperatures

The temperature goes up, we lose control and we hit the ball on the opposite wall… The temperature goes down and the ball does not come out…



With the new concept, this problem comes to an end. The new padel rackets of the Summum and Super Pro Line have enough technical differences in their construction so that, depending on the environmental temperature, we use a particular padel racket model for high or low temperature.


With high temperatures the materials soften, especially the foam or EVA of the core, thus changing the performance of the padel rackets.


Thanks to the new concept the padel rackets with the “S” letter  incorporate materials with a lower elasticity, so this problem is solved.


Recommended to play with temperatures above 25ºC / 77º F.


When we are at low temperatures, the opposite happens: the core hardens gaining control but losing a lot of flexibility and power.


With this new concept the padel rackets with the “W” letter incorporate materials with greater elasticity, so your game will not change.


Recommended to play with temperatures below 25ºC / 77º F.

If you play all year, don’t look at the weather forecast. Carrie your two Summum  padel rackets in the bag for high or low temperatures and enjoy the padel at any time.

Choose the one that best suits you.