Máximo Castellote


Datos personales

Born in Argentina el 28/06/1963

Profesional experience

  • Physical trainer of professional players: Gabriel Reca, Sebastián Nerone, Matías Díaz and Gonzalo Díaz (Argentina 1997/98)
  • Technical Coach for Minors and players of the Argentine professional circuit (1997/98)
  • Padel and physical preparation columnist in different magazines in Argentina (1995/98)
  • Director of the Padel School at the Curitiba Pádel Club (Brazil 98/2004)
  • Padel clinics in several cities in Argentina and Brazil (1995/2004)
  • Director of the Training Courses for Monitors and Coaches of COBRAPA (Confederación Brasileira de Pádel) from 2000 to 2004.
  • Coach of professional players of the Brazilian Circuit.
  • Technician of the Brazilian Youth Team (2003/4)World Junior Champion Technician with the Brazilian National Team (Curitiba, 2003)
  • He wrote the first padel book published in Brazil “Um grande esporte” (2003)
  • Elected “Character of the year” in a survey conducted among all people linked to the padel of the country, by the magazine “P D NEWS” (Brazil 2003)
  • Sub-champion Pan-American Junior Technician with Brazil (Bs As – Argentina, 2004)
  • Director of the Padel School for Children of the Real Club de Tenis López-Maeso (Madrid, 2005)
  • Coach and Physical Trainer of different players of the professional male and female circuits in Spain: Almudena Marchena, Mariano Lasaigues, Mía Sierra and Pablo Lima (2005)
  • He wrote the book “Padel, great sport” published in Madrid (2005)
  • Columnist of the technical section of the padel magazine “Top – padel” from 2005 to the present.
  • Coach of PPT players: Miguel Lamperti, Jordi Muñoz and Adrián Biglieri (2006 – 2007); Miguel Lamperti, Matías Díaz, Almudena Marchena and Laura Pérez (2007 – 2009)
  • Director of the “Training Courses of Padel Monitors and Trainers” in Europe endorsed by the Argentine Padel Association (APA) with Jorge Nicolini since 2007.
  • Coach of professional players Juani Mieres and David Losada (2008 – 2009)
  • Distinguished with the prize “Best teaching career in paddle tennis” in Marbella – Spain: Marbella Cuna del Pádel (2009)
  • He taught the first Padel Monitors Course in Germany (Stuttgart, 2010)
  • WPT professional players coach: Miguel Lamperti, Cristian Gutiérrez, David Losada, Paquito Navarro, Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto, Adrian Allemandi, Lilian Ramos, Eli Amatriaín, Aday Santana, Gastón Malacalza, Verónica
  • Virserda and Celeste Paz. (2010 – 2012)
  • He taught Monitors and Trainers Training Course in: Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Costa Rica.
  • He wrote the first “Illustrated Atlas of Paddle” for the Susaeta Publisher (Madrid, 2012)
  • Coach of Miguel Lamperti, Maxi Grabiel, Bárbara Las Heras and Verónica Virseda (2012 – 2013)
  • He wrote the technical section of the WPT Professional Circuit magazine (2013)
  • Current Technical Director of Padel of the Club “Duet Fitness & Pádel Las Rozas de Madrid” (2012)
  • Competition Campus Director: “Duet Pádel Academy – Maxi Castellote”.
  • Coach of professional players Verónica Virseda and Valeria Pavón (2016)
  • In charge with Jorge Nicolini of the Training of Monitors and Trainers of the F.J.P (Japanese Padel Federation) from 2016 – 19
  • WPT players coach, Verónica Virseda, Bárbara Las Heras and Hugo García Martínez (2019)



Vocational training

  • National Professor of Physical Education and Sports Sciences INEF: Dr. José Ingenieros Institute (Argentina, 1986)
  • Padel monitor since 1988
  • Player of 1st Professional Category (1992/2002)
  • Padel coach since 1995



Additional Information

  • Um big esporte (Brazil, 2003)
  • Padel, great sport (Madrid, 2005)
  • DVD´s “Padel Rackets” Grada Gymnos (Spain, 2008)
  • Illustrated Atlas of Paddle Ed. Susaeta (Spain, 2012)
  • Fundamentals of Padel Co-author (Spain, 2014)